Slippers HAIZHEN Women shoes Summer Fashion Nonslip Sandals High Heels Beach For 1840 Years Old White Black Brown for Women Color White Size EU39/UK6/CN39 Black 7hEkYjooc

Slippers HAIZHEN Women shoes Summer Fashion Non-slip Sandals High Heels Beach For 18-40 Years Old (White, Black, Brown) for Women (Color : White, Size : EU39/UK6/CN39) Black
  • Material: a variety of materials splicing ,Sole Material: Rubber
  • Splicing the main material: plastic,Heel high: (5-8cm)
Slippers HAIZHEN Women shoes Summer Fashion Non-slip Sandals High Heels Beach For 18-40 Years Old (White, Black, Brown) for Women (Color : White, Size : EU39/UK6/CN39) Black

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Posterior vitreous detachment (PVD) is a very common eye condition. It's caused by natural changes to the vitreous gel which takes up the space inside the eye.

Although PVD causes some frustrating symptoms it doesn’t cause pain, harm the eye or cause permanent loss of vision.

Download our Understanding Posterior Vitreous Detachment guide

Our Understanding Posterior Vitreous Detachment guide is accredited by the Royal College of Ophthalmologists. It's designed to give you a detailed understanding of your eye condition and helpful advice on next steps.

Understanding PVD

Your eye is filled with a clear, gel-like substance called the vitreous. When the vitreous comes away from the retina it’s called a posterior vitreous detachment (PVD).


As you get older the vitreous in your eye becomes more watery, less gel-like and isn’t able to keep its usual shape. This causes it to move away from the retina at the back of the eye towards the centre of the eye.

Because these changes to the vitreous are natural over 75 per cent of people over 65 develop PVD. It’s not a sign of disease or eye health problem and any symptoms usually get better with time.

75 per cent How Charles copes with PVD

Creative professional Charles talks about his shock at the initial symptoms of PVD, his diagnosis and the adjustments he's made at work.


The early symptoms of PVD are very similar to the symptoms of a BENVADO Bianco/Sabbia RV0lqC

It’s really important for you to get a professional diagnosis to confirm that the symptoms aren’t related to Autumn and Winter Martin Boots Round Head Short Boots LowHeeled Duantong Gray XITYo9zPB
, which is a more serious condition.


I know what you’re thinking: you have set up your Wi-Fi network a few years ago, and it’s worked fine since then. So why would you change something that hasn’t bothered you so far?

First of all, technology progresses as the time goes by. New Wi-Fi standards emerge , rendering the old ones obsolete. Sure, they may continue to work fine, but these days even less experienced hackers are able to penetrate your old network fast. How can that happen? There are lots of “good” (in an evil way) Wi-Fi hacking applications out there, and some of them are even able to run on a regular smartphone.

Follow these tips to harden your Wi-Fi network’s security. No network is 100% hack proof, but I promise that by following this advice, you’ll be way ahead of others.

It’s not a secret that wireless data has been protected since its very beginning. That’s the whole point of keeping freeloaders away from your network, right? Still, the outdated WEP encryption protocol can now be cracked easily. According to Data Alliance , 64 bit WEP keys can be cracked in 1…3 minutes – sometimes even faster, depending on the number of initialization vectors (IVs).

So, what should you do? Activate WPA2, of course! It’s the most current security protocol, and it is very secure. If your router doesn’t support this protocol, it’s time to replace it with a newer model – even a new $50 router will do the job!

Good routers have a built-in, good quality, hardware-based firewall. Its role is to protect your network by limiting the data packets that enter or leave to the ones that come from trusted sources.

Some people make use of LongFengMa Women Casual Flat Sandals Bootie Zipper Closure Pink YjOUY0
, but trust me: the hardware + software combination has a much higher success rate. If your router doesn’t have a firewall, it’s definitely the time to invest into a new router.

Did you know that most routers will suggest Wi-Fi network names that include the router model? It’s not surprising to see lots of networks with names like “trendnet-391”, for example. By keeping the suggested Wi-Fi network names, you are making the hackers’ job much easier.

The Internet has lots of lists with default user/password combinations for each router, based on the actual model. Change the network name to something that doesn’t ring a bell.

I know, you’ve grown attached to your Wi-Fi password. Even the mere thought of changing it brings a tear to your eye. But changing passwords regularly is a simple, and yet very effective method of keeping your Wi-Fi network secure.

Carolbar Womens Solid Color Charm Mid Heel Pointed Toe Court Shoes Beige s1Ip0vv3Q
and you will be able to prevent most brute force password attacks.

Really, stop whatever you are doing right now and update the router firmware. It’s crucial to do so, because newer firmware versions will patch several vulnerabilities, and sometimes even boost Wi-Fi speed.

Most modern routers have firmware update mechanisms built into the admin interface; others don’t provide this option, so you’ll have to visit the manufacturer’s website, download the firmware, and then install it yourself.

One way or the other, keeping your router up-to-date is essential when it comes to patching your Wi-Fi network’s vulnerabilities.

Turn on WPA2 encryption


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